Simple “Pin Up” Cabin Named After 1970’s Icon Cheryl Tiegs

Pin-Up Houses offers a variety of small house and cabin plans. Like many of the others, the Cheryl Cabin takes an interesting approach, framed in a 1970’s style pinup theme and borrowing its name from the iconic Cheryl Tiegs. Aside from Cheryl, Pin-Up founder Joshua Woodsman took his inspiration for this design from the architect Jeffery Broadhurst. DIY plans for the 107-square-foot cabin are available from Pin-up’s website for $36, and the simplicity of the design makes for both a very easy build and a low estimated construction cost of $2,900.


It’s got a porch (which you climb up to on a retractable ladder) and one side which opens up completely. Other than that, there’s not really much to it; it’s a place to hang out rather than a place to live. But maybe that’s all you want – and if you want more, Pin-up has that covered, too; they also offer a line of tiny house plans that include kitchen and bathroom facilities.








Check out a time lapse of the build

h/t Tiny House Design

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