Prefab “Popup” Shelter Makes The Most Out Of 221 Square Feet

When we profiled the INDAWO/lifePOD prefab some months ago, we were impressed with South African architect Clara da Cruz Almeida’s highly original vertical design, and with all the storage space interior designers DOKTER AND MISSES managed to fit inside 185 square feet. We weren’t too sure about the transparent walls, though – and maybe the builders weren’t, either. With considerably more opaque sheet metal siding substituted for the plexiglass, the design is back, rebranded as the POD-iDladla, and soon to be on sale in South Africa. Its still got that great interior space, and should still get plenty of natural light coming in through the sliding glass doors and strategically placed windows. Aside from the new walls, there seems to be more emphasis on the iDladla’s modular nature, and plans are now available for multi-unit configurations that can be combined to accommodate up to 12 people.




POD-loft-e1435168164728h/t Tiny House Talk

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