Beautiful glass cabin could be the prototype for a prefab

Clumsily named but elegantly designed, the Recreational Island House is a beautiful custom commission from Dutch firm 2by4-architects. And with any luck, that’s not all it’s going to be – 2by4 has plans to create a prefab version that can be shipped worldwide. So you can take a look at the original now, then put it on your wish list for later…

It’s a holiday cabin on a lake island in a nature reserve, which is one reason for its diminutive 225-square-foot area; regulations didn’t allow for a larger structure. Not that it really needs to be any bigger: one corner of the façade folds out to open the interior onto the expansive wooden deck/dock, and it actually has full kitchen and bathroom facilities tucked away inside a double wall. With glazed glass and a woodstove for winter warmth, you could probably live in this full time. (Granted you live in a similarly secluded spot; the glass walls give great views in both directions, after all!)

Recreational Island House 1

Recreational Island House 2

Recreational Island House 3

Recreational Island House 4

Recreational Island House 5

Recreational Island House 6

h/t Tiny House Talk

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