Plenty of storage keeps the Warbler on the straight & narrow

Rewild’s new Warbler stays true to what’s becoming a signature style for the young Vancouver Island company: a simple, open layout with a straight shot down the centerline and nothing between the two ends but a bathroom door. The sides of the 24-foot Warbler, though, are fairly busy; with a storage bench, cabinet, storage stairs and galley kitchen occupying most of the length, the only full-width sections of the first floor are the bathroom and a few feet just inside the rear entry door. That might have been a necessity in the 160-square-foot model they did earlier this year, but with the Warbler’s extra space we wonder if they could have found a place to put the storage without filling up so much of the length – we did very much like the openness of their somewhat larger Whiskey Jack. That reservation aside, the bathroom and kitchen look comfortably functional, there’s ample space in the two lofts, and the excellent cabinetry and finish work is everything you’d expect from a high-end builder like Rewild.









h/t Tiny House Talk

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