RoadHaus by WheelHaus

WheelHaus isn’t one of those builders who come out with a different model every few months, so a new WheelHaus is something of a special occasion – and as always, worth the wait. Especially, in this case, if you’re on a budget. Fresh off their Jackson, Wyoming, production line, the RoadHaus was developed in response to customer feedback, and this evidently included a few concerns about the self-described “truly high-end” company’s price points, which have ranged from around $100K all the way up to $365,000(!) for the StackHaus. At just $63,500 base, the RoadHaus is the most affordable WheelHaus yet, and in its smallest 160-square-foot configuration, one of the most portable as well. The great news is that all that downsizing hasn’t come at the cost of livability – the RoadHaus has a fully functional kitchen, a ground-floor bedroom and a complete bathroom – or, as you’ll see below, style. Check out the wraparound clerestory and chrome-tiled bathroom!

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