From sturdy shells to this simply beautiful tiny house

From its boxcar silhouette to its plain plywood-and-pine interior, the Rodrigue is the model of a clean, basic tiny house. (And it’s actually even simpler than it looks – the initially perplexing angles in the photos are explained by a sloping shed roof.) For all that, build #4 for Vermont-based Tiny House Crafters is one of their more fully featured, as their first two buyers only wanted unfinished shells. The custom-designed 192-square-foot Rodrigue has a functional kitchen with a sink and hooded stove set into the middle of counters on each side of a central aisle. There’s cabinet space below and a mini-fridge tucked under the storage stairs nearby. Just above is the eight-foot loft, and a small bathroom with a shower and Nature’s Head composting toilet is through the doorway to the front. That leaves the rest of the house to be filled in with living room and dining room furniture (including the buyer’s favorite antique table). The Rodrigue draws its power from a 30-amp hookup and uses propane for heat and hot water. Like Tiny House Crafters’ previous models it’s solidly built, with quarter-inch plywood walls that should stand up to a lot of travel. That durability is a tradition the young company certainly intends to continue; on the design side, it will be interesting to see how their builds evolve with their growing experience and the demands of their customers.

Rodrigue 1

Rodrigue 2

Rodrigue 4

Rodrigue 3

Rodrigue 5

h/t Tiny House Talk

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