This Russian River Studio Blends Modern and Rustic Aesthetic

Designed by architect Cathy Schwabe, this stylish design might be a little larger than the typical tiny house we profile, but at around 800 square feet it’s just about perfect for a small family and would make a great vacation home or cabin. Personally I love everything about the design, from the roof lines that allow for expansive ceilings and the open floor plan inside. The studio area could serve many different uses and I adore the sliding closet that opens to reveal a usable work space. Living in Northern California, this is exactly the style I would envision building somewhere in the Tahoe National Forest. Cathy’s design makes great use of the small space and the design has a warmth that many modern styles seem to lack.




contemporary-exterior (2)

contemporary-exterior (1)


contemporary-living-room (2)

contemporary-living-room (1)


To learn more about Cathy and see additional designs visit her website Photos by David Wakely.

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