Rusty Galbreath’s premier tiny house

There are a couple of mysteries to this wonderfully woody THOW currently for sale in northwest Washington State. One is how they fit a two-seater sauna into a 175-square-foot house without crowding things. The other is who “they” are. Credit for the build goes to a group of carpenters headed by Rusty Galbreath (who handled the trim work himself), but they’re not holding themselves out as an official tiny house company – yet, at least. Hopefully they’re testing the waters for a more sustained venture; having seen how good this place looks, and how little they’re charging for it (a mere $49,500), we’d really like to see more from these guys!

Shutters protect the front bump-out windows on the road; when parked, they convert to tables. The rear bump-out holds a utility closet.

The built-in settee is surrounded by lots of wood and lots of windows. (If you’re counting, there are 13 of them; if you’re superstitious, um, we meant 14!)

The sturdy storage staircase holds the pantry and the kitchen appliances.

The bathroom is big: Besides the FAR 2 person sauna, there’s a shower stall, an RV-style toilet, a vanity sink, and even some closet space.

Fully carpeted in wool, the peaked loft holds a queen bed under two large skylights.

And yes, it really is just 20 feet long!

h/t Curbed

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