Salt & Water’s simple and secure prefab cabin

Here’s a 215-square-foot prefab concept from Serbia, developed by Salt & Water, a Novi Sad firm that does yacht and aircraft interiors as well as architecture. The Tiny Eco-House would be built of wood and have an outdoor half capable of folding up and around the glass front wall and side windows. Apparently that could be done either when the house is empty (for transport or to secure it when you’re away) or when you’re inside (for added privacy and safety at night). The interior is mostly open, with a comfortable living room and a bar-style dining table. To one side there’s a utility block holding the cooking facilities, sleeping loft and presumably bathroom. Obviously this hasn’t been built yet, and we don’t know how much it might cost if it is, but it does look like a nice idea for a vacation cabin or accessory dwelling unit.







h/t Tiny House Talk

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