This SHED’s great for storage (and a lot more!)

If you simply must have a walk-in closet in a 200-square foot THOW, where do you put it? Wishbone’s Sheriff answered, “Right in the middle,” but Yakima, Washington, couple Robert and Samantha may have found a better place: outside and out of the way. Theirs, which they actually call a ‘gear room’, is located at the nose of their SHED and its door opens frontward instead of into the rest of the house. Directly behind it is a full-width bathroom with a sink, toilet and nice porcelain shower stall. Since that’s about the roomiest bathroom configuration you can get in a tiny house, and since using the full width also makes for a pretty big closet, packing them both into one end like this is really space-efficient. The remainder of the SHED demonstrates the benefit, because even with an uncluttered living area in the middle, the kitchen at the back (also full-width) has plenty of space for shelves, cabinets and a drawer-filled peninsula. Storage stairs, nice wide ones that look exceptionally navigable, provide a place to keep clothes as well as access to the sleeping loft under the high end of the sloped roof. All in all, a great design – and hopefully only the first of many we’ll see from Robert, who’ll soon become a licensed architect.

SHEDsistence 2

SHEDsistence 3

SHEDsistence 4

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SHEDsistence 1

h/t Curbed

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