Mini-chalet sparks Pyeongchang’s Olympic tiny house village

Hosting the Olympics always entails a construction boom, and that’s especially true for very rural Pyeongchang, South Korea, where the 2018 winter games will be held. One of the first to be finished is this tiny house, which will soon be joined by a number of similar structures under the “Slow Town” initiative. The idea is to accommodate Olympic visitors in modular tiny houses that – unlike massive hotels – can be removed after the games without any long-lasting impact on the natural beauty of the area. This model was co-designed by The Plus Partners (from Seoul) and DNC Architects (from the States). There’s an ample (and with two glass wall, amply lit) living area that ends in a utility block with the staircase to the loft in front and the kitchen and bathroom facilities on either side. Those look to be more than adequate for short-term stays, and although the sharply peaked roof is primarily to slough off snow (this being ski country, of course), it has the pleasant side effect of creating great headroom in the loft. As mini-chalets go, this one’s a classic, and we’d hardly be surprised if they keep a few of them up after the games to draw more tourists to the region.







h/t Curbed

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