Space Coast Tiny House

This colorful and totally DIY Florida tiny is called the Space Coast Tiny House. Its owner/builders, Rob and Erin Hayward, started the build with no construction experience and moved in before they finished it – and somehow everything still turned out great. How, exactly? Well, the pair both have PhDs in nuclear engineering, and as they say, they know how to do their research! Still, it’s a surprisingly lovely-looking home for a couple of eggheads, you might say, and maybe you’d be right: It turns out that Erin also has an art degree and her own boutique printmaking studio, Proton Paperie & Press. Rob and Erin and their dog (also called Proton) have been living in the Space Coast Tiny House since March of 2016, keeping it parked on a rented lot in Cocoa, Florida. They have a blog where you can get a good look at the construction process; for more current news – and to find out what happened when a sheriff’s deputy pulled up in front of their door – head to their Facebook page.

Simultaneously finishing and living in the house did make things messy for a while, but the cat doesn’t seem to mind!

The creative finish work made the Space Coast Tiny House into a truly gorgeous home.

The bathroom is outstanding: sink, toilet, and a shower stall of aluminum, tile and pebbles.

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