The Studio37 Shows Off Modern Style In A Small Package

While the city of Victoria, BC, was debating whether to ease zoning restrictions to allow secondary dwellings in residential neighborhoods, area firm Small Modern Living (SML) was working on this prototype. The 400-square-foot prefab, named “studio37” after its floor area in square meters, was created to show how an attractive and useful structure doesn’t need to take up much space. Perhaps it worked; Victoria did end up implementing a “garden suite” or “laneway housing” policy allowing accessory dwelling units as we call them in the states.


Studio37 features a shed roof on top of a cantilevered beam. The exterior is covered in stained tongue-and-groove cedar and HardiePanel vertical siding. Inside, a very modern-looking kitchen area links the spacious living/dining area on one end and the Murphy bed equipped bedroom on the other. The bathroom’s off the bedroom, increasing privacy at a little cost to accessibility, and is large enough for wheelchair users. (Actually the whole house is handicapped-friendly; it includes extra-wide doorways and a ramp up to the front door.)

A lot of space – and a lot of windows – make for a great living area.



The bathroom tucked in the cozy bedroom.


The kitchen shows off an attractive arrangement that includes modern, full-size appliances .




h/t Small House Bliss

We really love this design and admire the approach Small Modern Living has taken. One thing we are uncertain about is the price however, which doesn’t appear on their website – we’re currently waiting to hear back from them and will update this post with any pricing details when we do.

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