The Cider Box Displays Superb Craftsmanship

Yes, that’s “Cider Box”, not “Cedar Box”, but given this tiny house’s minuscule dimensions and all-cedar-wood finish you could be forgiven some confusion. It turns out that Oregon-based builder Shelter Wise named it for its cider-like amber glow in the autumn sunshine.


The owner commissioned the Cider Box because he’d decided to move into his own backyard, and he worked closely with Shelter Wise to design a compact and energy efficient tiny house that met all his requirements.


At just twenty-two by eight and a half feet the house fits easily onto the property, but still manages to fit a full kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities and storage cabinets into its floor plan. Its height of thirteen and a half feet leaves plenty of room for loft sleeping arrangements.


The well-insulated tiny house boasts highly energy efficient appliances and can be heated by a wood stove during the winter season. All that clear vertical grain cedar makes it attractive inside and out – and we imagine it smells pretty good too.






All images from Shelter Wise LLC

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