The Poacher’s Cabin, A Humble Work Of Rustic Art

English couple Diane and Bob Kirkwood, famed for the quaint and eco-friendly Fisherman’s Cabin they built some years ago in the Dordogne region of France, also have a newer creation in the same area. They built the Poacher’s Cabin on commission for BBC television personality and author Kate Humble, one of the many people who’d seen and liked their earlier work. Kate rents the cabin out while she’s not there, and as Di and Bob are also the caretakers they’ll be the ones to help you settle in when you arrive.


Unlike the Fisherman, the Poacher isn’t actually on the water, but it’s quite close to a small and tranquil pond and the rental includes a raft. There’s not much else nearby, and that’s the point; the nearest town, Piégut-Pluviers, is about 6 miles down a trail through the forest. That means an abundance of solitude for guests, and it also means the place is completely off-grid by necessity as well as philosophy. Solar panels provide enough power for some lights, but that’s all as far as electricity. A woodstove heats both the house and the bathwater. A night at the Poacher’s cabin goes for £82 ($125).


Di & Bob crafted much of the cabin without a saw, using natural timber throughout.


Upstairs bedroom with queen size bed.


You can picnic on the porch, or by the pond. poachers-cabin-7

The kitchen and living room are so comfortable they’re relaxing just to look at!



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