This Small Cabin Folds Up For Easy Transportation

More than a few surprises come with this 288-square-foot cabin from Devon, UK, builder Carpenter Oak. One is its age – the construction photo below is almost twenty years old, but as you can see from the other pictures the pegged green oak frame has held up remarkably well. Another – since it’s obviously not on a trailer – is its portability. The semi-modular design allows it to be disassembled for transport and put back together good as new, and that’s not just a whimsical hope: it’s already been moved twice and still looks great. The home also has fold-out sides that protect it when it’s unoccupied and become spacious and functional decks when someone’s at home. The rustic interior features a bedroom alcove, bathroom, and small kitchen area.

The cabin was first assembled at the the 1996 Country Living Fair.


Four fold-out decks, each big enough and strong enough for a picnic or barbeque.


Inside, it’s a very rustic look indeed.



Floor-to-ceiling windows between the oak posts bring it into the 21st century – and bring in a lot of natural light!


A bed with curtains that can be drawn for privacy occupies space behind the kitchen.


The system they devised to raise and lower the deck sides is shown here.

foresters-cabin-carpenter-oak-7h/t Tiny House Swoon

The current owner, Richard Burton, is quite happy with it and enthusiastically recommends Carpenter Oak to anyone who wants something similar.

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