Luxury THOW with adventure outside, country charm inside

You’d think the full climbing wall would be hard to top, but the really amazing part of the Tiny Adventure House is inside. Through the garage door (or, if you prefer, a more conventional portal on the other side) you find a gorgeous interior that bespeaks upscale country elegance every bit as much as the climbing wall does adventure. Gleaming steel, beautiful woods, bright paintwork and glossy tiles abound – as do almost all the necessities for a luxurious lifestyle. There’s a kitchen with a large sink and a full-size fridge and oven; a built-in dining nook that seats six; a bathroom with a slide-out arched door, custom sink and deep, curving bathtub; and two lofts, one for sleeping and one that actually has enough headroom to function as a sitting room or home office. The firm responsible for all this magnificence is Portland’s Tiny Heirloom, who aren’t exactly known for their gentle pricing (they start at $89K, and the last one we profiled cost $117K base plus around $25K in extra charges that the client disputes), so this may be squarely in the ‘nice to look at’ category for many people… with that said, enjoy the pictures!









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