Tiny Diamond’s custom Rose Cut: Tudor on a trailer

We’ve recently seen a faux-adobe THOW, and a real log cabin one, so why not a pseudo-Tudor on a trailer? The Rose Cut is a custom job from Tiny Diamond Homes built on their proprietary 30-foot gooseneck trailer to ensure highway stability for the relatively large 360-square-foot house. The Texas buyer didn’t choose continue the medieval theme inside, but the eclectic blend of her own cabinets, furniture and appliances has its own casually comfortable charm. The interior is mostly one level, divided between a long hall holding the kitchen and sitting area and a private bedroom behind doors at the back. A loft over the bedroom could be used for storage or guest sleeping, and the bathroom (which includes a washer/dryer as well as the regular facilities) is elevated over the trailer hitch to the front. It’s quite a reasonable floor plan, with an effortlessly un-cramped feel and a nice balance between storage and living space.

Now, Tiny Diamond has attracted some criticism for their designs in the past, and it seems not everybody likes the style of the Rose Cut either. Whether or not you do, just remember that they do custom work. It’s a point of pride for them that everything they build is safe and sturdy, but beyond that they’re in business to help customers realize their own unique visions. By definition those won’t appeal to everyone, but as long as the buyer is happy with how the house looks, Tiny Diamond has done their job. (If money talks, they got $75,000 for doing this one.)






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