This Family Lost Everything But Now Lives Happily Debt-Free On Their Tiny Homestead

Like many families across the country, the recession in 2008 hit the Berzins hard. They lost a business, and their 1,500 sq. foot home in Florida. Dejected, but determined to face reality and move forward, they made some tough decisions about their future. They carefully plotted their options and decided to buy a 3-acre plot of land in Virginia where they would soon move, with their children, dog, and a tiny house in tow. They designed and built the home themselves, using an 8′ x 21′ trailer as their foundation, and it includes a generous sized sleeping loft and a wonderful outdoor deck extension. All said, they spent around $12,000 building the home.







Karl used his building skills to help with most of the construction, and they sourced plenty of materials for cheap using Craigslist. Once he completed the exterior, they towed it to the land and continued working on the home. Now they enjoy a much different, yet more rewarding life. It’s not without its challenges though, and Hari does a great job outlining the many ups and downs of their experience on her blog.


“Our lives are made richer by stripping away the excess. When we do this we are able to see what matters.”



Tour their home

Hari has since dedicated a lot of time and energy into sharing their story, explaining in detail their roadmap to living a simpler life free from debt. Read more about their adventure in tiny living here:

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