Tiny House By The River Featuring Absolutely Gorgeous Decor and Design

An allotment garden is the British/European equivalent of a community garden, giving members a small plot of land on which to grow vegetables in exchange for an equally small annual fee. The Hamburg, Germany, allotment association to which Marion Tepp belongs also allows members to build small sheds and the like on their allotments. So when Marion was fortuitously assigned an allotment right on the bank of a tributary of the Elbe, she decided to take full advantage of the situation and build not just a garden shed but an entire tiny house, complete with a deck and a place to moor her high-end powerboat.


Marion designed the 258-square-foot place herself, using a unique hybrid of shed dormers and gabled doghouse dormers to maximize space in the sleeping loft, then built it over a couple of years together with her husband, a friend, and a professional carpenter. Although the association’s rules don’t allow for full-time residence, Marion’s house is fully equipped for weekend stays any time of the year with kitchen facilities, a half bathroom featuring a composting toilet, and a woodstove for heat. No word on whether there’s any space left on the plot for an actual garden but we’re pretty sure she can barter a ride in that sweet speedboat in return for some fresh tomatoes.











tepp-garden-cottage-exterior3Photos by Marion Tepp | h/t Small House Bliss

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