Looking in or looking out, the View is great

Well, wow! The View, a steel-framed THOW on a fifth-wheel trailer, is just not something we would have expected from Tiny House Chattanooga. Not that they’re incapable of innovation – they did build the first steel-framed tiny house in the US, and more recently (and controversially) they hung a washing machine over a bathtub. But their interiors have tended toward the conservative, emphasizing livability, functionality and storage space over style.


The View, on the other hand, looks like something dreamed up by a cutting-edge architecture & interior design firm. Walk inside the door and you’re greeted with a tiny house version of a grand staircase – with floating stairs, no less – going up in a V on either side of a five-foot-diameter glass porthole. (If you can call something that big a porthole. It’s round, anyway.)


The stairs lead up to two privacy-screened sleeping lofts, one conventionally located over the bathroom, the other at half height in the area above the trailer hitch. The kitchen countertop is along the wall to the left, and THC have followed their customary arrangement of having a laundry alcove before a bathroom at the end. The bathroom, while not deep, is well-appointed, with a flush toilet, sleek looking sink, and nicely tiled shower stall. In fact, everything looks great; aesthetically speaking, this is a stunningly successful effort.


Of course, it’s awfully difficult to have everything in a tiny house, and the space occupied by the grand staircase does mean less room for other things – the View has less storage and reduced cooking facilities compared to other THC models, and the living area is basically synonymous with the entryway. Still, we’re sure that many people would have no problem living in this full time, and for others it could make a great vacation home or a very impressive guest house.








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