Prof. Pulay takes us to (interior design) school

The Tiny House Dwelling is the home of Prof. Alana Pulay, who teaches interior design at Oklahoma State, holds NCIDQ (interior design) and LEED AP (green building) certifications, and naturally did all the design work herself. She hired a contractor to build the 165-square-foot THOW on a 24-foot trailer and moved in in January of 2016. So far the only downside to tiny living has been the commute – she hasn’t yet found a way to park the Tiny House Dwelling inside city limits without violating zoning regulations, but she’s working on it.

Looking at the house, Alana’s interior design expertise is obvious. This is one of those tiny houses where you read the floor area, you see the pictures, and you’re amazed they relate to the same space. There’s a very functional full kitchen at the rear end and a cozy living room complete with two-seater sofa, ottoman, side table and flat screen TV in the middle. The storage loft above the kitchen looks huge, as does the sleeping loft on the other end (which is accessed via a nice set of spiral storage stairs). The only place things get a little iffy is the bathroom, where the shower stall shares space with a clothes closet (which also holds a small washing machine) and the dryer is positioned somewhat precariously above the toilet. But the really astounding thing is that these rooms don’t even use up the full length of the trailer. See that white rectangle to the front of the house in the exterior photo? It opens up to reveal a storage closet for bicycles and other outdoor gear.



tiny-house-dwelling-3 tiny-house-dwelling-4

tiny-house-dwelling-5 tiny-house-dwelling-6


Photo credit: Emily Long

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