They Could Afford A Mansion, But Opted For This Tiny Modern Cabana Instead

Would you still want to live in a tiny house even if you had the money and space for a mansion? Sandy Youman decided she did, and this super stylish 610-square-foot cabana is the result. It’s located on a five-acre lot of prime real estate fronting Lake Austin which the Youmans have owned since the 1970s.

The family made good use of the property for years as a spot for outdoor recreation and boating, but when grandchildren began arriving Sandy and her husband, Dudley, decided it was time to build something there. Still, Sandy wanted to keep the focus on nature, and that dictated a relatively small structure.




At first, she didn’t care too much what it would look like; when she initially contacted architect Jared Haas at studio, she told him that prefab would be fine. Jared had two objections to that idea, though. First, he thought it would be difficult to get a prefab building onto the steep, heavily wooded lot. Second, he thought the property had a lot more potential.


Sandy saw his point and threw herself into the design process, which ended up taking over a year and enlisted Herb Schoening for interior design and Tait Moring & Associates for landscaping. The result was a modern single-room cabin with an open concept large living area and smaller kitchen and bathroom and stained cyprus wood for the ceiling. Outside the home they planted native plants and used durable Ipe siding for a modern cladding on the exterior.


Now the Youmans are enjoying the return on their investment of time in the form of more time spent with their children and grandchildren under the trees and on the lake.


For more information about this design, check out Studio


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