Breezy & Spacious 250sf Notarosa by Titan Tiny Homes

Titan Tiny Homes built this great looking 250-square-foot tiny house on wheels near Chicago. This Notarosa went for just $45,000, but the base price has since gone up slightly to $54,000. Titan focuses on all-steel designs, and based on what they’ve done with the Notarosa, we can hardly wait to see what they do next!

Notarosa 1

The Notarosa has an interior layout that somehow finds space for a large living room…

Notarosa 2

… and a long kitchen and bathroom with porcelain sink and fiberglass shower stall in just 24 feet of length.

Notarosa 3

Notarosa 4

Notarosa 5

Up a broad flight of stairs, a full-width sleeping loft holds a queen bed and looks out at the world through four windows that open to let in the breeze.

Notarosa 6

For more information visit Titan Tiny Homes website.

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