The Most Innovative Tiny House Ever? We Think So.

When it comes to building an efficient tiny house, it’s important to make the most of every square inch. There’s a certain amount of creativity involved when it comes to planning a tiny house build and this house displays that better than most any other we’ve seen. It incorporates an open-air design, shunning walls in favor of modular pieces of furniture and incredibly smart storage ideas. From the sliding bed to the work desk that reveals a keyboard and the movable table arrangement that allows for a coffee table, kitchen table or desk in various locations, it makes for a versatile layout. A stylish Dickinson marine heating stove powers the main heating element and super slim heating panels that run off electricity offer a secondary heat source. A window shade doubles as a 16:9 projection screen that’s totally amazing. There’s a recessed stove in the kitchen counter, a bread maker and a kitchen-aid mixer so you can imagine he has everything to make a Thanksgiving meal and host a half dozen guests to enjoy it. T

Take a peek at the video below and browse the gallery to get a better idea of how it all comes together.


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