Boston architect aims to show tiny tech can be affordable

ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX), which will run from November 15–17 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, is a pretty big deal in the building industry, with over 400 exhibitors expected to attend. As far as we know, though, only one of them is bringing a tiny house. That’s Tracey Powell, an architect (and longtime member of expo sponsor The Boston Society of Architects) who’s now busy finishing up a 150-square-foot THOW that she plans to take with her whenever she has to travel for work. (Apparently that’s pretty often: Tracey estimates that she’ll be spending around 50 weeks a year in her new tiny home.) The Lil’ Lodge, which Tracey is building together with her brother Trevor, an electrician, is notable for its steel frame and sleek modern styling, as well as for being jam packed with high-tech luxury gadgets like Glass Apps Smart Film, a Hidden Television VanityVision dielectric mirror, an Incinolet toilet, a Kohler DTV Prompt digital shower, Lutron wireless lighting controls, and lots more. It also uses Energy Star appliances throughout to make it five percent more energy-efficient than a regular house. Despite all that, Tracey says the Lil’ Lodge is still going to be relatively affordable thanks to its small size, although a total cost won’t be available until she and Trevor are finished with the build.







h/t TecHomeBuilder

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