Uncharted delivers a Mansion you can almost get lost in

The Mansion is the showpiece model for Uncharted Tiny Homes of Phoenix, Arizona. While it’s fairly plain in terms of design and decoration, it looks like an exceptionally easy house to live in. Conceptualizing the 270-square-foot interior as basically an open box bookended by lofts over the kitchen and bathroom has left a lot of space to move around. The high-ceilinged living room holds a full-length sofa across from a giant flat screen TV, and the bathroom comfortably fits a full-sized sink, shower stall, toilet, and a washer/dryer combo – and still has room for a couple of big cabinets. The kitchen is also fully functional, with plenty of cabinets and countertops, a large sink, a refrigerator/freezer unit, and an oven, and there’s even a dining nook under the stairway to the master bedroom. The bedroom is decent-sized, too, with enough space to sit up in bed and admire the rather salacious “Good Times” sign above the headboard. The loft opposite it could serve as a reading cubby, guest bedroom, or, more probably, storage area for things you’d rather not keep in the kitchen or bathroom. The Mansion is on display at Uncharted’s shop (contact them to arrange a tour), and if you like what you see they’ll sell it to you for $50,000.





uncharted-mansion-9 uncharted-mansion-7



h/t Tiny House Talk

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