A Simple One Room Cabin in Vashon, WA

I love the simplicity of this little cabin, located in Washington State. Suddenly 384 square feet of space doesn’t seem so tiny. I can picture myself perched in that chair next to the warm fire with the dog laying at my feet. Ideally there would be a few feet of fresh powder falling outside and fresh tracks waiting for me on the slopes nearby. One can dream at least.


The cedar clad cabin was built with simplicity in mind, but remains connected to a sewer line and it has a well to supply fresh water. Otherwise, the simple layout contains a basic kitchen, wood stove, and 3/4 bathroom. Not much else. There’s not even a bedroom to be had! What do you think, is this a place you could live? Maybe better suited as a vacation home for most of us, but with a modified floor plan it has plenty of potential.








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