Victorian Tiny House For The Survivalist Who Wants To Live In Style

The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies of the tiny house world, Maximus Extreme’s Victorian Prepper is designed for survivalists with a bent for the historical. The tiny house on wheels has a mansard roof straight out of the French renaissance – and behind its parapets is a rain catchment area that holds up to 300 gallons of emergency drinking water. The interior boasts classic hardwood floors and a cozy brick hearth – as well as storage space for guns, ammo, and a year and a half worth of canned food. More standard amenities include a loft sleeping area, bathroom with glass-door shower and composting toilet, dual on-demand water heaters, and a spacious kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator. The Prepper is built from RAY-CORE structural insulated panels and sealed with 50-year rated GacoRoof silicone coating, so it’s guaranteed to be proof against the elements and the ravages of time – as well as TEOTWAWKI.










2015-09-03-13.20.46-600x1061h/t Tiny House Talk

This is yet another example of a great design from Maximus Extreme, a company that brings a very unique vision to every build they complete. Click here to see more of their designs.

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