Tiny B&B in a hip Netherlands neighborhood

A young and vibrant intentional community, a hip European urban/industrial setting, and a tiny bed & breakfast to stay in while you’re there – what more could you ask for? The community is Plug-In-City, a collection of shipping containers and other modular spaces inhabited by creative types such as architects, artists, craftspeople, designers and entrepreneurs. It got started just last year in the Strijp-S area of Eindhoven, Netherlands, between buildings of an old Koninklijke Philips factory, and has been growing rapidly. The B&B is the Waterland Huisje, and as you can see from the photos it’s a small THOW, not elaborate by any means, but – with some lovely wood furniture, a kitchenette and complete bathroom facilities – perfectly pleasant for short-term stays. It’s also priced nicely at just €95 ($110/£75) with breakfast, €75 ($86/£60) without.

Waterland 6

Waterland 2

Waterland 3

Waterland 4

Waterland 5


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