Unique Rook has dark aesthetic and a functional utility loft

You can always count on Wind River for design originality. They’re generally quite successful at it, and with its dark and atmospheric interior and unusually functional second loft, we’d be willing to bet that the Rook is going to be their most popular model yet. The black-painted vertical siding contains a space that Wind River describes as modern industrial, but with all the faux brick, dark wood and polished metal it might just as easily remind you of your favorite bar. It feels a lot bigger than its 22-foot length, thanks in part to a bump-out window seat at one end. Making the secondary loft into a sort of utility closet containing the washer/dryer unit, solar inverter, breaker box and on-demand water heater (not to mention a set of storage cabinets) has undoubtedly saved space on the ground level too. So many second lofts are basically just places to stack boxes and the occasional guest, and using one to put all these appliances up and out of the way seems like a great innovation. On the other end, the sleeping loft is generous enough in size, and the aforementioned window seat underneath it serves as the focus for a tidily self-contained living area. Across the herringbone floor from there, past a long bookshelf with a built-in folding desk, are the kitchen and bathroom, where details like black concrete countertops, steel pipe shelf supports, and a Galvalume shower stall make the industrial part of the aesthetic a little more obvious.








h/t Tiny House Talk

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