Wood Iron’s North Sister

The North Sister is an interesting first build that really lives up to the name of its builder, Wood Iron Tiny Homes. And goes beyond, in fact – there’s plenty of wood and stone, but there’s also quite a lot of metal and glass worked into the design. Add it all together and you have a fairly unique category-defying style that blends elements of the rustic, the modern and the industrial into a visually interesting and seemingly well executed tiny house on wheels. It’s for sale, too: You can get in touch with Wood Iron through their website to get more details or set up a viewing appointment. They’re located in central Oregon, near Bend.

A 50-square-foot cedar porch under a fold-out awning leads to Douglas Fir French doors.

Yes, this is the same house – and yes, it has a rear entrance with its own fold-down steps.

A view of the central kitchen/dining area and what looks like a very sizable sleeping loft.

The open living room makes a well-balanced compromise between privacy and natural light.

The kitchen features a tile backsplash, granite countertops and Italian stainless steel appliances.

A warm copper and wood shower stall highlight the bathroom. The toilet is a water-saving flush unit.

h/t Tiny House Talk

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