Woodcutter Cottage Shows Off A Rough-Cut Appearance

The Swallowtail Hill farm is located within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in East Sussex, England. The owners bought it 20 years ago and have developed it into a 40-acre spread of wildflower meadows and woodlands set among the area’s hills, bogs and ponds. Although maybe “developed” is the wrong word – everything they’ve done with the property has been to advance their goals of conservation and biodiversity. They have a well-established education program that teaches schoolchildren about the art of sustainable land management, and they also have a few cabins and cottages for visitors who want to spend a little more time enjoying the scenery.

The one shown below is called the Woodcutter’s Cottage, and when you look at the rough-cut façade, shingles and beams made from local chestnut trees it’s not hard to see why. It sleeps four and has a gas stove for cooking and a woodstove for heat. It also has running water fed to a kitchen sink and a wood-heated shower, but no electricity, and no indoor toilet. Rentals start at £100 ($150) per night.

It’s thoroughly traditional in appearance – except for the wheels, of course!


The cozy interior was actually crafted by local woodcutters.

You can take you meals outside, or just sit around the campfire.

And there’s a deck in front for more outdoor seating.

It’s bright and airy inside with the door open and the curtains pushed aside.

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