Wow. Is This the Most Beautiful Tiny House Ever? What a Location!

We love, love, LOVE the location and design of this tiny house. Growing up in the Northeast, I spent a lot of time in Maine where my folks had a house perched above the ocean similar to this. To sit up in bed each morning and have that sort of view stretching in front of you and being able to sit on the deck with a cup of coffee would be perfection in my book. It’s a great reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.


This home is owned by Alvaro Ramirez and Clarissa Elton, and is located in Chile. At roughly 500 square feet it offers a fairly decent amount of space, and we especially like the design that’s divided into two living areas. It combines an open-air deck in the middle with the closed off sleeping area on one side and a living portion on the other. The design incorporates large windows to soak up the sun and the amazing view. A wood burning stove heats the place up when it gets cold and the relatively simple design made it an affordable house to build. Perhaps the most amazing part is the cost – it came in at just $15,000. How’s that for some inspiration?!







Photos via Alvaro Ramirez

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