Wishbone’s Wynette: Room to Stand by Your Man

Gerry and Teal, the father-and-son founders of Asheville-based Wishbone Tiny Homes, have just finished a plus-sized THOW they call the Tiny Wynette. At 10 feet wide on a 30-foot-long custom triple-axle trailer, Wynette has plenty of living and storage room inside, and there’s even a partially covered porch extending another six feet to the front. The Dutch door (which also has a doggy entrance) lets you into a living area to the side of commodious storage stairs leading up to a sleeping loft. From there you step up to a kitchen that looks entirely fit for preparing a full course dinner – and also has enough shelves and cabinets to hold the ingredients for one. Down the end, under a storage loft, there’s a bathroom which makes up for the absence of a bathtub by revealing a separate washer and dryer. The color scheme is simple but attractive, with light wood from floor to ceiling, neutral gray paint on the cabinets and trim, and darker natural wood for the countertops and stair treads.

Wynette 1

Wynette 2

Wynette 3

Wynette 4

Wynette 5 Wynette 6

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