Guide To The Best Tiny House Furniture

Space-Saving Furnishings For Small Spaces

Choosing furniture for your tiny home isn’t quite as simple as furnishing a conventional house. For one thing, saving space is going to be your main concern. How can you furnish your tiny home in a way that is comfortable and functional and keeps the space feeling open and uncluttered? 

You need to decide what’s essential and what’s an extravagance. What can you do without? The tiny house movement is all about minimalism. 

When furnishing a tiny house, it’s also good to keep an eye out for dual-function furniture that can serve two purposes, or things that can fold or pack away. Tiny house modular furniture that divides down into smaller parts is also a versatile choice. Modular sofas, for example, can be turned into separate ottomans when needed.

You might also be looking for eco-friendly furnishings to minimize your carbon footprint. Or maybe budget options, and things you can upcycle to turn into fun and unique pieces of tiny house furniture and appliances. 

To get you started, here’s our pick of the best tiny house furniture and appliances, from kitchen tables to bedroom lighting, plus some inspiration from real-life tiny houses too. 

  1. Tiny house kitchen and living room furniture ideas
  2. Tiny house bedroom furniture and decor ideas
  3. Tiny house office solutions
  4. Tiny house bathroom ideas
  5. Choosing eco-friendly and budget furniture for your tiny home
  6. Examples of amazing tiny house furniture to inspire creativity

Tiny house kitchen and living room furniture ideas

In a tiny house kitchen, you want furniture that can help you to optimize the space and stay organized. 

A slide-out countertop provides additional worktop space for cooking. And staying organized inside your kitchen cabinets is also essential. A slide-out organizer could help. 

Sliding Wood Cabinet Organizer

Slide out organizer

Another good solution is a table that can expand for lunch and dinner – such as this one or this one – and then folded back between meals. Or what about a table that folds out from the wall? 

Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table


To go with your foldable table, you definitely need some foldable chairs.

As always, you want to be on the lookout for multifunctional furniture. Therefore, dual-purpose chairs are a good investment, such as this chair that’s also a ladder

Aluminum Retro Chair Stool

Tiny House furniture

As for your tiny house living room, the same rules apply. You want space-saving furniture that can be stored away when not in use. 

Take these nesting tables for example. Simply slide them out when you need a place to put those essential movie snacks, then stack them away during the day. 

Modern Hexagon Nesting Side End Table

Nesting Tables

A pop-up coffee table is also a nifty solution for added surface space in the living room. You could even use it as a desk. 

Modern Coffee Table Desk with Hidden Storage Compartment

In terms of places to relax, if you live alone, you might want to consider a recliner chair instead of a sofa as it takes up less room. 

Padded Seat Recliner Leather Chair

Recliner chair

Corner chairs and sofas are also great to make the most of an awkward space. Meanwhile, tiny house modular sofas that transform into multiple ottomans are incredibly versatile. 

Mid-Century Upholstered Corner Sofa

Tiny House sofa

In this tiny home, the sofa expands into a bed – another great space-saving idea. 

Or, if you’re having guests to spend the night, this ottoman transforms into a camp bed

As for lighting, this standing lamp also provides valuable shelving space for books and other knick-knacks. 

Got a dog?

If so, what about this kennel that also functions as a table? 

Wooden Pet Crate End Table


Or this more modern and minimalist one? 

Wooden Indoor Pet Kennel and End Table

Dog Kennel

For more inspiration on decorating your tiny house kitchen, check out this list of the best tiny house kitchen appliances. 

And, last but not least, a door that transforms into a ping-pong table. Because how cool is that? 

Tiny house bedroom furniture and decor ideas

It goes without saying that the bed is the most important part of your tiny house bedroom, so you want to make sure you choose a good one. 

That means a bed that makes the best use of the space. Fold-down beds that come out of the wall, also known as murphy beds, are a great choice.

Other options include a trundle sofa bed, which is ideal if your living room also serves as a bedroom. 

Trundle Twin Daybed

Sofa bed

We also like lofted beds. Not only will they make you feel like a teenager again – but they’re also a great way to free up floor space. 

Full Workstation Loft Bed

Lofted Bed

For a really out-of-the-box solution, what about a hammock to sleep in? We’ve heard they’re super comfortable as they suspend you in the air with no pressure points. Not convinced? Why not have one just to sit in instead? 

As for the rest of your bedroom accessories, the trick is to keep it simple. Opt for lighting fixtures on the wall to save on space. We like these ones. Or you could go for some decorative overhead lighting.

Plug in Wood Wall Lamp

Lighting fixetures

Instead of a conventional bedside table, what about a floating nightstand like this one? Built-in cable management helps to keep all your devices and wires tidy when charging.  

Bedside Shelf Caddy

phone charger

Or, even better, a BedShelfie that simply slots onto the side of your bed? Amazing. 

Of course, your bedroom shouldn’t be purely functional. It should also be a nice place to relax and unwind. So bring the outdoors indoors with some hanging garden plants. Greenery is good for the soul and plants are some of the best tiny home accessories. 

Tiny house office solutions

If you’re a remote worker, or sometimes work from home, then you need an office space in your tiny house that is a practical and cozy place to get down to business. 

First things first. Your desk should take up minimal space and ideally fold away when you’re not using it – especially if your office is also the living room in the evenings. Plus there’s something satisfying about folding away your desk at the end of a busy work session. 

This fold-out desk is a great option – sophisticated and contemporary. Or you could consider a floating desk. They work well in small spaces because the lack of legs takes up less space visually. 

White Home Office Table

Hunging Table

Finally, if you’re looking for compact furniture, a corner desk is perfect for making the most of a little nook or alcove. Or what about upcycling old crates and pieces of wood to make your own desk and storage? 

To go with your compact desk, you definitely need a foldable chair. This movie director-style chair is a fun choice. 

Tiny house bathroom ideas 

There’s minimum furniture in a bathroom – unless you count the shower and other bathroom appliances. But we couldn’t miss this opportunity to point out that – if you can’t bear to go without a bathtub – some freestanding bathtubs are super small in size. Check out this one, for example.

Elsewhere in your bathroom, why not invest in a bath-tub tray – the ultimate luxury bathroom accessory. There’s nothing quite like watching Netflix in the bath. 

Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy


And for some upcycling inspiration, check out this bathroom where an old bike has been transformed into a pedestal for a sink with the basket being used to hold towels. 

Choosing eco-friendly and budget furniture for your tiny home

Many tiny house owners choose to downsize because they want to minimize their carbon footprint, save money, or both. This applies to choosing furniture too. What’s the point of saving all that money on construction and making an effort to choose eco-conscious materials if you’re going to splurge on expensive mass-market home accessories?

Green furniture means using reclaimed or recycled materials or sustainable, biodegradable, or non-toxic alternatives. The Sustainable Furniture Council has a database of furniture manufacturers who make eco-friendly furniture.

For budget-conscious tiny home dwellers, a great place to start your furniture hunt is eBay or Craiglist for second hand space-saving furniture. 

Examples of amazing tiny house furniture to inspire creativity

Even if you’re not currently furnishing a tiny house but simply need some decor ideas for your small home, the tiny house community is a great place to get inspiration for transforming your small space. 

We love the hanging plants and lights in this tiny house kitchen and we’ve also clocked the clever storage at the far end under the sofa. 

 TIny house kitchen
Tiny House Kitchen

Bar stools are a good choice in a kitchen. Visually, they take up less space than chairs and can look really classy too. 

Tiny House Hunter ? on Instagram: “This tiny house is so beautiful! ❤️ Would you love to live here? ? SWIPE through to see the rest of the home! ? TAG a friend who wants a…”
Tiny House

We love the sneaky storage space behind the toilet and the addition of plants in this RV tiny house bathroom 

RV storage
RV Storage

And for something a little offbeat and bursting with character and personality, check out this gypsy wagon. The alcove bed is the ultimate cozy hideaway. 

Gypsy wagon
Gypsy Wagon

Wrapping up 

Just because your tiny home has minimum square footage, it doesn’t mean that your furniture should have any less personality. 

Rather than trying to squeeze in furniture designed for larger homes, why not think creatively? Invest in pieces that have a dual purpose, can be folded away, or are minimalist and fuss-free to look at. 

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