How Do I Find A Tiny House For Sale With Land Near Me?

From roofing to insulation and everything in between, building your own tiny home can be a lot of hassle. For many people, it’s easier to buy a pre-built tiny home — or get someone to build it for you. 

And, whether it’s a cabin in the middle of the woods or a converted Airstream out in the desert, you want to be able to rock up to your new home and know that the house and the land around it is all yours. 

Tiny House Land For Sale
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But where to find a tiny house for sale with land included? In this post, we outline the best ways to find tiny houses for sale with land. 

And if that’s not possible, and you want to buy a tiny home and land separately, we also explain the best places to buy a tiny house, and the best places to buy land to put it on. 

What we will cover:

  1. Where to find tiny houses for sale with land
  2. Finding a tiny house for sale without land
    1. Where to buy land to put your tiny house?
  3. Top tips for buying a tiny house

Where to find tiny houses for sale with land

These are the best places to search for and find tiny homes for sale with land near you: 

  • Tiny House Listings — this is the main tiny house marketplace. Search for thousands of tiny houses for sale with land simply by setting the filter to ‘comes with land.’
  • Tiny House Marketplace — a lot of the tiny houses on this marketplace are tiny houses on wheels. However, there are also tiny houses with land for sale. Just select ‘includes land.’
  • Tiny House Finder — another online marketplace, this one doesn’t have as nice an interface as the two mentioned above, but it’s worth browsing anyway, with tiny houses for sale ranging from mobile homes to container homes.  
  • — most of the tiny homes on this site are tiny houses on wheels. However, there is the occasional cabin or tiny house on foundations for sale so it’s worth having a browse anyway. 

Finding a tiny house for sale without land

If you can’t find a tiny home for sale with land included, then you can always buy the tiny house and the land separately. These are some of the best companies selling pre-built and custom-designed tiny houses:

  • Tumbleweed Tiny House Company — the largest manufacturer of tiny houses on wheels in the US, Tumbleweed tiny houses come with RVIA certification and the company will also help you with zoning regulations. 
  • New Frontier Tiny Homes — this tiny house building company started off as a father-son project and today is one of the most popular tiny house manufacturers in the USA. They have five different models available, ranging from the luxurious two-person Alpha to the family-friendly Escher
  • Tiny Heirloom — another family-run business, Tiny Heirloom is a creative tiny house company whose ethos is all about downsizing but upgrading. As well as their custom-built tiny homes, it’s also worth checking out their pre-loved tiny homes for a cheaper alternative. 
  • Wheelhaus — the Wheelhaus motto is Living LARGE with Less. The company’s high-end tiny and modular homes showcase expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials.
  • Wind River Tiny homes — based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this tiny house company can make custom tiny homes based on pre-existing plans or design a bespoke home according to your needs. 
  • Amazon — there are a variety of tiny homes available to buy on Amazon as well as tiny home kits if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option. The tiny houses are all made by different manufacturers so you’ll want to do your research and check the reviews. 
Land For Tiny House
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Where to buy land for your tiny house

Once you’ve bought a tiny house, you need land to put it on. Whether you’re looking for a vacant lot or raw land for sale, the following websites are a good place to start your search. Filter by location to find land for sale near you. 

You could also contact a local real estate agent who will be aware of developed and undeveloped land for sale in the area and can point you in the right direction. Handing out flyers is another good move — or post on groups like Facebook, Meetup, and Craigslist. Even if people aren’t currently selling, they might consider it once they hear about your search. 

Once you’ve found developed or undeveloped land for sale, you need to check the building codes and zoning laws for that area. These regulate what can be done with the land and vary state by state. 

Either reach out to the local municipal building code enforcement or search on to see what the restrictions and codes are in that area. 

Leasing land from a tiny house community is another option. You can read more about that here. 

Tiny House Land
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Top tips for buying a tiny house with or without land:

  • Think about size. Tiny houses homes are generally between 100 and 500 square feet. Do you need something bigger or could you live with less? 
  • If buying a prefab tiny home, read the reviews of any tiny home builder before you commit. You want a manufacturer with experience.
  • Visit different tiny homes before buying to decide what you like and need. You might even rent first to check if tiny home living is for you. Sites like Airbnb advertise tiny homes to rent short-term while Tiny House Listings lists long-term tiny house rentals.
  • Financing a tiny house can be tricky as conventional home mortgages are usually not an option. Check out our guide to financing your tiny home here
  • It’s best to buy a tiny house during the warmer seasons as snow can delay work and deliveries. 

Wrapping up

Buying a tiny house with land included is not as easy as buying a towable tiny house on wheels that you then move to your own plot of land. There aren’t as many options on the market and it’s also more expensive. However, keep an eye on the marketplaces and you may just hit upon your dream tiny home. 
If not, we definitely recommend buying a prefab tiny home and land separately. That way you’re far less likely to have to compromise on things like location and price.

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