The Ultimate Tiny House Appliances Guide

Now you’ve built your tiny house, you’re ready to start fitting it out with the best tiny house appliances and to begin making your tiny home comfortable, organized, and cozy. But equipping your tiny home with appliances isn’t quite as easy as fitting out your standard apartment or house. 

For one thing, a tiny house is much smaller. Probably less than 400 square feet. 

Plus tiny houses are all about being minimalist. You were probably originally attracted to the Tiny House movement because you wanted to down-size. In that case, you don’t really want to stuff your new home full of equipment and tools. It’s all about living with less. Or maybe you opted for a tiny house in order to save money and so you’re on a strict budget. 

Either way, you’re probably in the market for cost-friendly tiny house devices and compact appliances. And you also want your new tiny home to reflect your own unique style and taste. Your chosen appliances should combine style and function.

Fortunately, new technology is making it increasingly easy and cheap to install small homes with space-saving high-quality appliances.

Plus, being a tiny homeowner, you’re part of a movement. There are tiny house guinea pigs out there who have already tried everything out for you. You can learn from them—what worked and what didn’t. 

You can also consult our tiny house appliance list: a rundown of the coolest tiny house appliances out there. 

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Folds into a small size and is very easy to store away.

Works great for a huge variety of meals. Great customer service.

Bigger than your average mini fridge, but not overly big.

Very compact and works great. Also not very heavy!

No smell and very mobile. Great for converted vans and RV's


A larger sized laptop will take up most of the space. 

Getting it set up can take some time.

The has been complaints of it being a bit loud.

Getting a washing machine delivered can be tricky.

No waste hose included.

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Table of contents

  1. How to choose appliances for your tiny house
  2. Our pick of the best tiny house appliances
    1. Fitting out your tiny house kitchen
    2. Tiny house bathrooms
    3. Tiny house bedroom appliances
    4. Storage solutions
    5. Cool extras

How to choose appliances for your tiny house

When choosing tiny home appliances, there are a few key things to consider. 


Tiny home appliances should be space-efficient. Not taking up excessive amounts of space is key in a tiny house. And if they can be packed away easily, that’s an added bonus. 

For example, dining tables, chairs, and desks that fold up and can be stored in the corner of a room when not in use. 

Similarly, if your tiny home is moveable, you’ll want lightweight appliances to keep fuel costs down. 


Many people choose to build a tiny house because they want a budget-friendly alternative to conventional housing. If you’re trying to save money, you want to invest in appliances that won’t break the bank. 

Long-lasting tiny home appliances are worth looking out for. Even if the initial outlay is greater, you’ll save money in the long term by not having to replace them. Also, consider whether they’re the kind of thing you might be able to repair yourself if necessary—saving on costs further down the line. 

In terms of budgeting for your tiny house appliances, it really depends on your particular needs and style. Tiny house owners spend anything from $400 to $4500 on appliances. We would err towards the higher end of this range, given that a high-quality compact oven alone can set you back $900. However, there are plenty of cheap tiny house appliances out there too. 

The majority of this spend will be on kitchen appliances, followed by bathroom installations. Meanwhile, all you really need to buy for a bedroom is a bed. 

Dual purpose

With saving on space being your number one priority in a tiny house, opting for dual purpose appliances that serve more than one function is a nifty trick. Two birds, one stone. 

For example, check out these stairs that also function as storage space. Typically, space under the stairs goes unused. But by transforming it into storage compartments, the stairs take on a dual function, while still looking impeccably stylish. Clever. 

Custom-made fittings

When it comes to making the most of your space, commissioning bespoke pieces that fit perfectly into your interior is a great option. This added flexibility is a real advantage with tiny home designs—which can sometimes be a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Everything has to fit together in just the right way.

For example, you might commission a sofa to fit snugly into an alcove, with storage space underneath, and that folds out into a bed. 

Or there’s this amazing motor home where the owner built a hidden cabinet beneath his bed to hide his musical instruments. 

Custom-made furniture is ideal for those tricky little spaces where nothing mass-produced will fit. You just can’t fit a square peg in a round hole, after all. 


There’s a huge crossover between the Tiny House movement and eco-awareness. Some tiny homes are totally off grid. Others choose to downsize to a smaller home in order to reduce their carbon footprint, save on energy bills, and reduce the amount of stuff they own. 

In fact, tiny home dwellers can reduce their energy consumption by 45%. 

And so you’ll most likely want appliances that are energy efficient. This also saves you money. 

Another option is upcycling, giving old possessions a second life as something else. For example, finding old dresser drawers and reusing the wood for shelves. Rain guttering also makes good shelving

Inspiration from the Tiny House For Us blog

For inspiration on how to fit your tiny house out with compact and space-saving appliances, check out these examples. 

First, the San Juan tiny house. Here we’ve got garbage cans concealed under the kitchen counter—because no one really wants to share their space with their own waste. Then there’s a fold out desk. And the pull-out dry food pantry next to the fridge and telescoping ladder are great examples of how fittings can be hidden away to make the best use of space.

Then there’s this fun tiny home by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes where the stairs also serve as storage space. The wood burning stove is compact, perfect for a small interior like this. And we love the tiny bathroom sink. Because why would you need anything bigger?

Our pick of the best tiny house appliances

Here’s our rundown of the top tiny house appliances on the market today. Time to kit out your tiny home out with gadgets and devices that are compact, cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and stylish. 

Fitting out your tiny house kitchen: double bang for your buck

The main challenge of a tiny house kitchen is the lack of space. With limited countertop and cabinet space for storing, you want to minimize bulky appliances. You’ll also need plenty of storage solutions for tidying everything away. 

A few tips. 

First, look for energy-certified appliances to help you save on your energy bill. 

And secondly, do you live somewhere that’s warm year round? In that case, why not consider an outdoor kitchen? This is a great way to save on space. It also reduces those annoying ventilation and air conditioning problems that occur when you fry and roast things inside your tiny home. And if you cook something with a strong smell, you won’t have to deal with the odor lingering inside for days on end. 

The best tiny house kitchen appliances

Tiny house stove or oven

Gas or propane is the best avenue for most tiny homes, being far more cost-efficient than electricity. A portable propane range is great if you don’t cook often. You can then put it away when not using it. An induction burner is another compact choice, but it uses electricity instead. Otherwise, we recommend this oven and range, which is only 20 inches wide.

Tiny house refrigerator

EdgeStar Compact Fridge/Freezer

There are undeniably smaller models on the market than this EdgeStar 3.1 Fridge/Freezer. But we chose this one because it has all the features of a regular sized refrigerator in the most compact space possible. As it says, it’s dorm-sized. If it can fit in a college dorm, then it can definitely fit in your tiny home. 

Pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are great. They use less power and are amazing at making delicious meals with very little effort required. 

Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

But this particular pressure cooker takes it to the next level. It offers 9 appliances in 1, with the option to pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, and even make cakes. You can also make two dishes at once—for those days when you and your partner can’t agree on what to eat. 

Hot Water Dispenser 

A hot water dispenser is a great alternative to a kettle for those looking for cost-friendly and eco-conscious alternatives to regular household appliances. It uses less electricity than a kettle, and holds its temperature for much longer. This means you don’t have to reboil the water on those occasions when you start making a coffee and get distracted half-way through. 

Tiger Electric Water Boiler and Food Warmer

This hot water dispenser by Tiger Corporation holds four liters of water. You can use it to make tea or coffee, but also to boil vegetables or make instant noodles. 

A multi-purpose toaster

Courant 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Hub

This isn’t really a toaster. It’s a breakfast station i.e. something you didn’t realize you really needed in your life until just now. What could make your morning routine easier than this 3-in-1 multifunction breakfast station where you can prepare your coffee, toast your bread, and cook eggs in the oven-top griddle all at the same time? 

Everything, all in one

One of the best tiny house kitchen set-ups has to be this compact kitchen that includes a sink, countertop, range, fridge, and storage. All at only 30 inches wide and 45 inches tall. It doesn’t get more compact and streamlined than this. 

A great example of a tiny house kitchen

We love the kitchen in this tiny home, built by a college couple. A great use of innovative storage solutions and with a super cute and compact kitchen area too. 

Check out our entire post on Tiny House Kitchen Appliances.

Tiny house bathrooms: a bit of a squeeze

Fitting out your bathroom with all the necessities is a bit of a struggle in a tiny home. After all, it’s probably the smallest room in your tiny house—which means it’s very small. 

You also want to avoid getting everything wet when you turn on the shower—although turning the whole space into a wet room is a good alternative. 

The key to designing your tiny house bathroom is using the space smartly. Make a list of what you think you need. Then see if you can cut it down to the absolute basics. Next, think about how you can fit it all together and where you can save on space through clever design choices.  

If you’re worried about your bathroom feeling cramped, you can make the space feel more airy and open with interior design hacks like mirrors and light paint shades. 

Best tiny house bathroom appliances


Choosing a toilet for your tiny home all depends on whether you plan to move around or not. 

If you want to hit the road, you’ll need a portable camping toilet, like those used in RVs. 

Camco Portable Travel Toilet

If your tiny home is fixed, then a regular flush toilet will serve the purpose. Or maybe you want a more eco-friendly compost toilet. These also work when you’re on the move.

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet


Curved showers are the best for saving on space. This one can be installed on either the left or right of a room, and has a sliding door. 

Of course, if your tiny home is on the move, you might consider going for a camping-style shower instead. Check out this portable shower pump if you don’t mind going right back to basics.

KEDSUM Portable Camp Shower


With tiny house bathroom sinks, compact is the name of the game. After all, it’s just for brushing your teeth and washing your face. In our opinion, a sink the size of a small bowl is enough. Check out Wayfair’s selection here. We particularly like this one. The basin is only 15 inches, and it also comes in nickel or copper. 

Washer and dryer

In today’s world, installing a washing machine is a no-brainer. Dealing with laundromats is a hassle no one needs. 

In a tiny home, the last thing you want is wet clothes drying all over the place. It’s too small for that. But installing a clothes dryer will take up valuable space. 

Equator Combination Washer Dryer with Portability Kit

Instead, why not go for a 2-in-1? This washer/dryer combo is made with super-silent technology so it won’t keep you awake at night. It only weighs 13 pounds and measures 23.5 x 22 x 35 inches—pretty compact. 

A fun example of a tiny house bathroom:

Honey On The Rock, a design by Carpenter Owl, has a fairly straightforward bathroom but then features a bathtub on the roof, accessed by a secret door in the bedroom. Just wow.  

Check out our entire post on Tiny House Bathroom Appliances.

Tiny house bedroom appliances: creating a cosy and comfortable space

A bedroom is essentially just a place for sleeping. This means it can be easily converted into another room during the day. 

Having said that, you don’t necessarily want to have to unfold a bed late at night when you’re tired. Instead, you can save space elsewhere. For example, wall mounted lamps or desks with a minimal floor footprint. 

Best tiny house bedroom appliances

Elevator bed

This one isn’t for everyone, but we had to mention it. This tiny home saves space with an elevator bed that can be moved up and down on a motorized platform. With a quick flick of a switch, your bedroom becomes a living room in the morning, and transforms back into a bedroom at night. It’s minimum hassle and a great way to make the most of a small space. 

Wall mounted lamps

Bedside tables are traditional, but they aren’t really necessary. After all, what do you put on them apart from a glass of water, book, and a lamp? Instead, why not opt for wall mounted lamps to save on space. Ikea has a great selection. We particularly like this one with a swing arm.

Foldaway desk

You might also want to work in your bedroom, in which case you’ll need a desk. But to avoid creating a cramped space, why not opt for one that can be folded away at the end of the working day? 

Amazon Basics Computer Desk with Storage

Or there’s this one that folds out from the wall. Or even better, why not go for one that you can use lying down? Answering emails from bed is the ultimate luxury. 

Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table – with Folding Legs

A fab example of a tiny home bedroom

This tiny house has a bed that folds out from the wall. An ingenious way to save on space, and also fairly simple and straightforward to use. Perfect for when you’re exhausted and ready to roll into bed. 

Storage: the secret to a supremely livable tiny house

Storage solutions are design hacks that can transform your tiny house. Without a doubt storage is one of the most difficult aspects of tiny house living. When your footprint is this small, you really don’t want to clutter valuable living space with non-essential furnishings and appliances. 

Ideally, you want storage that doesn’t look like storage. You don’t want to feel like you’re living in a walk-in cupboard, after all. You want storage solutions that enhance the style appeal of your home. 

Bear in mind that the best storage hacks have a dual purpose; hiding clutter and serving some other function too. 

Best tiny house storage solutions:

Storage integrated staircase

Turning your staircase into a place to store clutter is a great way to make the most of the space. You can get your stairs custom-made to include storage boxes and shelving where you can keep shoes and books, or display an artful collection of knick-knacks. 

Turn your radiator into a bench and storage space

Another place where you can implement a nifty storage hack is your radiator. Why not give your tiny home a rustic old-school vibe by creating a wooden bench to fit over the radiator? This particular design also features storage underneath. 

You can get your bench or shelf custom-made to suit your particular needs. 

Bed with storage underneath

Under your bed is a classic place to add storage compartments. Ikea has a great range of beds that include storage facilities, such as drawers and shelving. You could opt for something simple and streamlined like this, or something with even more storage possibilities like this. 

Hanging storage solutions

Hanging things from your ceiling is a great way to save on space. These hanging fruit baskets are a perfect solution. You don’t necessarily have to put fruit in them. What about other essentials like keys or wallets when you come through the door?

UPKOCH 3 Tier Space Saving Kitchen Storage Basket

Chair storage 

This is a fun design that’s certainly outside the box. Creative thinking like this can turn storage solutions into beautiful and unique creations. We love the idea of lounging in this armchair, taking our pick from all the books around us. 

Upholstered Round Storage Ottoman

For something more low-key, Amazon has benches and stools that also serve as storage.  

Living Cube

A great storage option if you want something practical and efficient is the multi-function Living Cube, which incorporates a library, bed, closet, and more. It comes in three different configurations. The smallest costs $2500 but it’s a great investment, helping you to stay organized and tidy in your tiny home. You can also create a DIY version if you’re handy!

A brilliant example of tiny house storage

We love the storage inside the Pod Idladla, which extends right to the roof. Check out all those boxes. A great way to really maximize the space inside this tiny home.

Now the fun part: cool extras to make your tiny home unique

Living in a tiny home should be fun. With all the money you save elsewhere in the build and furnishings, you can treat yourself to some fun added extras. Here are some devices and gadgets to make your life easier, greener, and more enjoyable:

Portable fire pit

A portable fire pit is a great investment if you’re frequently on the road. It allows you to pull up at a camping spot and make a fire without any risk of damaging the ground. This portable fire pit is a great choice. Foldable, sleek and streamlined, there’s a grill included for cooking. There’s also a mini version if you fancy something more compact. 

UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Fire Pit

Sound system

Harman Kardon Large Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Investing in a good sound system for your tiny home is a must for most people. But you’ll want one that doesn’t take up too much space.  This wireless bluetooth speaker by Harman Kardon is not only the cutting-edge of cool but will deliver high-quality beats to your tiny home without taking up any space at all. 

Solar panels

If going green is your priority, why not invest in solar panels? Never having to pay a  power bill again is a dream for many people. Some would say solar panels are a tiny house must-have. 

There’s a huge variety of solar panels on the market for every different need and budget. It’s hard to know where to begin. But a good place to start could be with these adhesive solar panels by Lumeta. 

Rainwater capture

Harvesting rainwater has many advantages. It can reduce your water bill, minimize the risk of flooding and erosion around your tiny home, and you can use the water for things such as watering plants, washing clothes, and flushing toilets. Here’s a selection of rainwater capture systems for you to browse. 

Wood Burning stove

EcoZoom Dura Rocket Stove

If you’re short on space and want something compact, we recommend this stove, available on Amazon. It’s compact, you can cook on it while having it serve as a low-cost source of heating, and the design is unusual and eye-catching. 

All in all

Buying appliances for your tiny home requires a bit of forethought. But by carefully considering your budget, the design, and your own particular style preferences, you can kit your tiny house out with appliances that will transform it into a dream home. 

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