The Best Tiny House Washer + Dryer Combo

Tiny House Living & House Appliances: Handling Laundry

When it comes to tiny homes, you’re working with a lot less space than a traditional home. Smaller rooms require fewer appliances and furniture than some would like. You have to use your space better than a larger house. You’ll have to make tradeoffs, especially if you’re living in a full-family tiny house. You’ll have to change things depending on the size of your home. You might have to skip out on the extra gaming room, multiple closets, and indoor hot tub. Unfortunately, some people see this as cutting out some essential areas of a person’s home.

One common area that house dwellers skimp out on is laundry machines. A lot of people decide to avoid having a washer or dryer unit. A tiny home owner can have many reasons for this. Their water supply might be inadequate and they might need extra plumbing. Their tiny home is near a laundromat, so they don’t need a dedicated laundry room. The core issue really lies in a tiny home’s lack of space. Washers and dryers take up a significant amount of room. Modern machines have notable features that make them more efficient, but having two separate machines can sometimes take up half a tiny home.

This could drive some people crazy over time. But a lack of floor space doesn’t mean you can’t have a positive experience with tiny home living. You could get a stackable washer to save space. Or, you could wash your clothes in your kitchen sink and let the sun dry them. But what if we told you that there was a way to have both in one compact space? In this article, we’ll explain why washer-dryer combos are the perfect solution to cleaning and drying clothes.

Your Tiny Home Laundry Facility: Washer Dryer Combo VS A Separate Dryer and Washer Machine

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A washer-dryer combo is a single appliance that both washes and dries clothes. The awesome thing about these is that they have tons of advantages:

1. It’s more efficient because it only uses one appliance instead of two.

2. A washer-dryer combo machine is more convenient. Since you’re not moving a few feet to place your damp clothes into another unit, your drying time will be less.

3. It’s more gentle on your clothes because many models use less water and less energy than a regular washing machine.

4. It takes up less space in your home. While a washer-dry combo can still be bulky, your washing machine is sharing the same space as your drying machine.

5. Washer-dryer machines are more affordable than buying a separate washing machine and dryer. They can also be even cheaper when you factor in sales and coupons from other retailers.

6. It’s easier and cheaper to install than a separate washing machine and dryer. Why install two separate machines when you can just focus on one? But maybe you don’t want to install it yourself. Why don’t you have a technician do it for you? Since it’s a single machine, they’ll charge you less in labor. You’ll have more money leftover to spend on other things.

7. These two in one machines are easier to maintain and keep clean. Many come with automatic self cleaning features.

8. A washer-dryer combo machine is easier to use than a separate washing machine and dryer. This is because you’re focusing on a single screen and user interface. You’re more likely to have to get accustomed to two different screens.

9. A two in one machine is environmentally friendlier than a separate washing machine and dryer. Once you’re done with your washer-dryer, you’ll have to get the single unit recycled. A separate machine and dryer require double the quantity to recycle.

3 Popular Compact Washer-Dryer Combo Units With Great Wash Load Capacities

Washer-dryer combo units have grown in popularity for the tiny house movement. The extra convenience, affordability, and space efficiency are all major positives. We detail several popular washer-dryer combo products below. Each energy-efficient model is perfect for compact spaces. The other awesome thing is that each unit can handle more than 4lbs of clothes for wash capacity. You can do a lot with a lot less.

LG Washer Dryer Combo

The LG WM3997HBA can both wash and dry clothes in a single machine. Sure, it’s more expensive and larger than a regular washing machine. But it’s perfect for tighter spaces and won’t take up an entire room. This LG model has an ultra large capacity with multiple dry programs and other settings. You won’t have to always split your laundry up with this model. Because of this, you’ll have fewer trips between batches. Its dryer also comes out like a little shelf, so all you have to do is drop your wet laundry into it when ready. You’ll look forward to laundry day with its efficient cleaning and drying cycles.

The Kenmore Elite 41002 is another great washer-dryer that takes care of all fabric types. Like the previous model, this one comes with tons of wash and ventless dryer settings. For example, its Accela Wash cycle can wash and dry an 8 pound load in as little as 3 hours altogether. It cleans loads faster than a lot of other standalone dryers and washers too. One of its settings periodically tumbles your washed clothing when left in the machine for an extended period of time. This prevents wrinkles and keeps your clothes smelling fresh.

Samsung Washer Dryer Combo

The Samsung WF45K6500AV is another washer-dryer combo that’s compact, resource efficient, and advanced. You’re not wasting gallons of water when you use this machine. It’s super similar to the Kenmore Elite’s design, but there’s a lot more here. The dry cycle and spin cycle feel shorter than standalone washers and dryers too. It’s also one of the more futuristic looking models. The major differentiator is its phone integration. You can connect your smartphone and troubleshoot issues through its app. Additionally, it comes with features that help keep it clean. It automatically eliminates dirt from the drum and door gasket during every cycle. The fingerprint resistant exterior is also very easy to clean. This machine requires less maintenance and dry time than regular washers and dryers. This Samsung device is perfect for your tiny home if you’re a techie who loves technology!

Socks Drying on a Clothesline

You won’t be able to use a washer-dryer combo without a reliable water source. You need adequate water flow when loading washing machines of any kind. Certain tiny homes will need more creative methods for cleaning and drying clothes. But for the tiny houses that come with water connections and drain pipes, guess what? Our listed washer-dryer machines are the perfect solution to your laundry needs.

You won’t have to compromise by skipping out on your in-house laundry system. The awesome thing is that you have a wide range of options and freedom to choose whatever you want for your tiny home. In the end, you don’t need to take shortcuts with your dirty laundry unless it’s a lifestyle change you’d like to have.

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