11 Tips for Pets in a Tiny Home


Living with a pet in any house can bring challenges, especially in a tiny home. But, do not fear; there are steps you can take to make your small space as pet-friendly as possible. We’ve compiled eleven tips to optimize your space for successfully living with your furry friend. 

Use Recessed Space for Feeding Bowls

As you know, space is of the essence in tiny homes. Having your pets’ food bowls on the floor will both take up space and be a tripping hazard. Rather than maneuvering around your pet’s food and ending up with a wet foot, use a recessed area like a cabinet to hold bowls. Placing food in a recessed space will keep bowls out of the way and not take up valuable living space. Plus, you can have a drawer above the bowls to place pet supplies.  

Nix Carpeted Floors 

It is better to have a smooth service like hardwood floors when owning a pet in a small home. A smooth surface will make cleaning dog and cat hair exponentially more manageable and reduce stains. Pet hair will easily get trapped on the carpet and other cloth surfaces, so it is best to reduce carpeted space as much as possible.  

Give Pets Their Own Space

Pets want their own private space just as much as humans do. Find creative ways to make particular areas that your pets know are just for them. With cats, it’s a bit easier since you can utilize odd shapes, aerial spaces, and nooks that naturally come within your home. For dogs, you can try a special corner with their bed and toys.

Install a Literal Catwalk 

Create a catwalk over cabinets or other high surfaces to give cats a comfortable aerial space. For example, if you have a loft near cabinets, the cat can walk up the loft stairs and quickly head onto their cabinet catwalk. A catwalk will give your cat plenty of extra space without intruding on your living area. 

Have Lots of Windows 

Just like humans, cats and dogs love looking out windows. So make sure that you keep windows clear, so your furry pal has a place to watch the squirrels and rabbits hop by. Large unobstructed windows are an excellent way to keep them entertained when they’re home alone. 

Exercise Your Pet Often

It’s essential to give your pet a lot of exercise. Since there isn’t much space for dogs to run around in a tiny home, be sure to take them on frequent walks.  Getting your pet’s energy out is especially important to do if you have a home on wheels. Give your dog a nice long walk before towing your tiny house.

Add Pet Enrichment Features

Invest in pet enrichment features. An excellent example of pet enrichment is uniquely placed cat shelves like those pictured above. Shelves like these are made for cats to climb on but still give your home a cool, aesthetic edge. 

Practice Sharing Space

Getting used to sharing space will be an adjustment for both you and your pet. Practice working while the dog is under your feet at your desk or taking that nap with a cat snuggling your feet. As the saying goes, anything worth doing will take some work.  

Find a Creative Litter Box Solution

Litter boxes are notoriously smelly. To avoid being a home where people instantly know you have a cat, get creative with where your litter box is. You can find great enclosed litter boxes that are disguised as storage, ottomans, and more. Investing in a high-quality litter box that traps odors will save your home from eyesores and nose sores. 

Invest in a Catio

Just as people use decks as extra living space in tiny homes, you can do the same for your cat with a catio. Catios are enclosed outdoor areas where your cats or birds can exercise and enjoy time outside without running off. There are both transportable and stagnant options depending on your needs.

Clean Once a Day

Living with pets in a small home requires more cleaning than living without pets. Since the space is already so small, there is no room to let messes (or smells!) build-up. Therefore, it is vital to clean litter boxes once a day, vacuum daily, and other maintenance items. If you don’t keep up a daily cleaning schedule, your home will quickly become unpleasant.

At the end of the day, we all love our pets and want them to be as happy as we are. Adjusting to tiny living with your furry friend will take some getting used to – for both of you. Try out these eleven tips, and we know you will be on your way to a successful tiny home with pets:

  • Utilize recessed space for feeders
  • Get rid of the carpet, smooth surface only
  • Give your furry pal their own space
  • Install a literal catwalk
  • Don’t cover windows
  • Get your pet lots of exercise
  • Add pet enrichment features
  • Practice sharing the space together
  • Find a creative litter box solution
  • Invest in a catio
  • Clean well and often


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