Tiny Traveler is to truck camper as THOW is to RV

We’ve always believed that there’s room for beauty and craftsmanship in even the tiniest of dwellings, and so we’re very happy to see this handcrafted camper from the carpenters of Tiny Smart House. The Tiny Traveler is a production truck camper with all the style of a cedar-sided THOW. It also has a surprising amount of the functionality. Oh, there’s not much space, and just a shade over six feet of headroom, so you probably won’t want to move in for good – but you probably could. The Tiny Traveler holds a queen bed over the cab, a kitchenette, a tiny bathroom with a shower and flush toilet, and all the utilities you could ask for. (Scroll down through the photos to find the spec sheet.) The 2019 model will sell for $49,950 – unless you’re one of the first 25 people to pre-order before the end of June, in which case you get a $7,000+ discount to $42,500!

h/t Tiny House Talk

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