John & Deb’s Fun & Functional Bodega Bus

Building their own THOW for just $15,000 apparently left John Russell and Deb Hanson with a little spare cash and an appetite for more tiny mobile goodness, because now they’ve added a funky school bus conversion, the Bodega Bus, to their list of DIY accomplishments.

Bodega Bus 1

With sheet metal siding, a fenced-in roof deck, and an outdoor bar on one side, this doesn’t look like it should move at all, but the tires are good and the engine’s good, so fold up the bar and the bus is ready to roll! The eclectically decorated interior contains a couple of sofas, a kitchenette with the other half of the bar, a bathroom with sink shower and toilet, and a rear sleeping area that holds two beds. That’s a lot to fit into one fun bus!

Bodega Bus 2

Bodega Bus 3

Bodega Bus 4

Bodega Bus 6

Bodega Bus 7

Bodega Bus 8

Bodega Bus 9

Bodega Bus 10

h/t Tiny House Talk

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